About Us

SAGE | Design & Build iphoto (23)s founded on the principal that landscape architecture has to be combined with the laws of nature to create a healthy, sustainable  landscape design. Our process ensures all of our clients receive the utmost care, service, and attention to detail with every landscaping project, large or small. We  practice environmental stewardship, ecological principles, and sustainable landscaping design to protect and restore our natural resources, install  native plants and non-invasive edibles, and utilize low impact landscape installation techniques to promote and preserve existing natural systems.

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Based in historic Newtown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, SAGE uses natural materials to create timeless feel. The  addition of subtle outdoor lighting adds a calming ambiance at night. The installation of a waterfall or water feature creates  sound to mask unwanted noise and have a breath-taking element tucked within native plants that explode with color  all year-round. A well-placed pergola will add shade to a hot, sunny, uncomfortable patio space. A fieldstone garden wall will complement the regions character. This is SAGE… and we create outdoor living spaces that are low-maintenance, sustainable, and beautiful, both ecologically and aesthetically.

back yard design3At our core, SAGE creates and installs outdoor living spaces that have character and a sense of place combined  with a dynamic sensory experience which blur the lines between traditional landscape architecture, modern aesthetics, and nature.

Combining these theories, principles, and guidelines create a landscape design that is environmentally sound, ecologically beneficial, and  aesthetically pleasing. The result is lower long-term maintenance costs to the client, healthier ecosystems for native flora and fauna and is  why at SAGE we say… “Landscape Smarter”.